Screenwash & De-icer

All Seasons -3C Frost Protection

1000 litre bulk IBC of dilutable -3C All Seasons Screen Wash.

35p+VAT per litre

PRICE SHOWN INCLUDES DELIVERY. This ia a 1000 litre bulk IBC.


Used undiluted this product will remain liquid in temperatures as low as -3C.

Mixed with one or two parts of water it is suitable for summer use. 


You will receive a 1x 1000 litre IBC of -3C All Seasons Screenwash, mounted on a pallet with a protective metal cage surround. Each IBC is fitted with a dispensing valve and a detachable pouring pipe.


The IBC remains our property - we will collect it from you at our expense when you inform us it is empty, or after a period of two years.

1x 1000 Litre IBC of All Seasons Screen Wash.


1000 litre bulk IBC of Industrial Cleaning Liquid, suitable for use in floor scrubber drier machine.

This is a general purpose, low foaming, non-hazardous cleaning product manufactured to a very high specification.


It can be used for all types of hard surface cleaning, whether using a mop or hand cleaning with scouring cloth.


It is also suitable for use in conjunction with a floor scrubbing & drying machine. This product is supplied to a large number of food and non-food distribution centres in the UK for use in conjunction with their floor scrubbing & drying machines.


Suggested dilution rates vary depending on degree of soilage, but in general terms, for daily cleaning with a scrubber dryer dilute with 20 parts water, for heavy duty cleaning dilute with 5-10 parts water.

1x 1000 litre Bulk IBC of General Purpose Cleaner, suitable for use in floor scrubber driers.