Screenwash & De-icer

All Seasons -3C Frost Protection

1000 litre bulk IBC of dilutable -3C All Seasons Screen Wash.

39.5p+VAT per litre

PRICE SHOWN INCLUDES DELIVERY. This ia a 1000 litre bulk IBC.


Used undiluted this product will remain liquid in temperatures as low as -3C.

Mixed with one or two parts of water it is suitable for summer use. 


You will receive a 1x 1000 litre IBC of -3C All Seasons Screenwash, mounted on a pallet with a protective metal cage surround. Each IBC is fitted with a dispensing valve and a detachable pouring pipe.


The IBC remains our property - we will collect it from you at our expense when you inform us it is empty, or after a period of two years.

1x 1000 Litre IBC of All Seasons Screen Wash.