Floor Scrubbing & Drying

1000 litre bulk IBC of HD Industrial Cleaning Liquid, suitable for use in floor scrubber drier.

This is the Heavy Duty version of the product above. It is a low foaming cleaning product manufactured to a very high specification. Its hazard classification is 'Harmful.'


It can be used for all types of hard surface cleaning, whether using a mop or hand cleaning with scouring cloth.


It is also suitable for use in conjunction with a floor scrubbing & drying machine. This product is supplied to a large number of food and non-food distribution centres in the UK for use in conjunction with their floor scrubbing & drying machines.


Suggested dilution rates vary depending on degree of soilage, but in general terms, for daily cleaning with a scrubber dryer dilute with 25 parts water, for heavy duty cleaning dilute with 10-15 parts water.

1x 1000 litre Bulk IBC of Heavy Duty General Purpose Cleaner, suitable for use in floor scrubber driers.